Registering Your Node as Validator

Before you can become a Validator Node Candidate, you have to register to be added to the PIWallet.

In order to be eligible to become a Validator, you have to have at least 10k PI in the Validator Node address.

You can apply to become a Candidate at any time between 0% and 75% of the Epoch.




applyCandidate, cancelCandidate


Prohibit Operation

You can do this through either the RPC or the Javascript console. The process using the console will be shown here.

Constructing and Submitting Application Transaction

applyCandidate By RPC del_applyCandidate

applyCandidate By IPC del.applyCandidate

Navigate into your pchain directory:

cd ~/pchain

Then open the console with:

~/pchain/bin/pchain attach ~/pchain/.pchain/pchain/pchain.ipc

Once this opens, we will begin constructing the transaction variables:

If your account is locked, you will need to first unlock it using

personal.unlockAccount(address, "password", 300)
var from = "0xB3544059698177F14968D29A25AFD0D6D65F4534";
var securityDeposit = "0x21e19e0c9bab2400000";
var commission = 10;
var gasPrice = null:


  • from is your address

  • securityDeposit is 10,000 in wei and converted into hex

  • commission is the percentage you wish to take from the rewards of those that delegate to you

  • gasPrice is set to default

Each one of these will return undefined

Now that we have defined each of the variables, we will send the full application transaction using:


Which will return a transaction has if successful:


You can check transaction status By getTransactionReceipt

Once this is complete, please go to Join Candidate List to submit your introduction. Once your submission has been validated, you will be publicly listed on Recommended Candidates on PIWallet. Detailed information increases your chances of convincing Delegators to support your candidacy.