PMetamask is a web browser plug-in wallet.

Currently, Plian is compatible with any EVM developer tools like Metamask, Remix, etc. So we suggest you directly use Metamask to deploy smart contract on Plian.


First, download PMetamask installation package from here. Then open Chrome and input chrome://extensions/ to enter extensions page:

Switch to Developer mode on top right of the explorer and drag the PMetamask installation package into it to install the plug-in.

After create or import address by following the guide of PMetamask,you can see something look like this:

Plian's smart contract can only be deployed on subchain. We choose the subchain 1 on Plian testnet to deploy smart contract. You can get free tPI on this subchain from here.

Connect Remix and PMetamask

Keep PMetamask opening,open Remix【】 the page is look like this:

Under Remix’s ‘Run’ menu,select the Environment as ‘Injected Web3’:

Click ‘connect’ on the popup PMetamask Notification dialog

After that,the default account’s address in PMetamask will shown in ‘Account’ field automatically.

Deploy and interact with smart contract

Edit smart contract in Remix,e.g:

pragma solidity ^ 0.4.23 ;
contract PCHAINTest{

  uint public value = 0;
  function inc(uint v) public {
    value += v;

select the proper version to compile(here we take version 0.4.23 as an example):

compile smart contract

Click the ‘Deploy’ button under ‘Run’ menu to deploy the smart contract just complied

After click the ‘deploy’ button,click the ‘confirm’ button on PMetamask Notification dialog:

After deployed successfully, you can debug the contract If there are operations need to spend Gas, you may need confirm in the pop-up PMetamask dialog or in PMetamask directly.If the transaction failed, you can try to resend it or change the gas fee according to the returned error.