• How to check if your node is still running

  • How to check if your node is caught up to the latest block

  • How to check Pchain’s version

  • How to check if your node is syncing

  • How to check if your node is validating blocks

  • How to collect logs

  • What are the hardware requirements to run a node on Pchain?

  • Can I run the main chain and subchain on one node?

  • How to migrate your Pchain account to another computer

  • How to check if your node is running correctly after setting up the node

  • How to check your node status when running Pchain

  • How many tokens are needed to become a validator

  • How to resync Pchain from block 0

  • What should I do if I get bad blocks often?

  • How to resolve handle crash on the subchain

  • Where can I find the node’s balance info and reward info?

  • What’s the meaning of each balance type there?

  • When to apply/vote/reveal/delegate

  • The detailed operations to become validator

  • Must I apply candidate?

  • How many PI should I stake during the vote stage?

  • How many PI is needed to be elected as Validator node?

  • How do I know if I will be in the next epoch’s validator list?

  • What is the minimum amount should I stake when I vote?

  • As a validator, should I do the vote and the reveal process for each epoch?

  • Can I update the commission fee as a candidate?

  • How much PI should I delegate to one candidate node?

  • When can I delegate?

  • I have sent tx to delegate PI, why does the transaction status still show “pending” under the PIWallet delegate tab?

  • What does “Delegated to ** elected candidate node” mean?

  • Can I delegate more to the same candidate?

  • After delegation, when do I get the rewards?

  • "Error: cancel amount greater than your Proxied Balance"

  • "Error: delegation amount must be greater or equal to 1000PI"

  • "Error: Replacement transaction underpriced"

  • I didn’t get delegation tx hash, how can I ensure my delegation is successful?

  • Why did my delegation hash/cancellation hash fail?/ Why did it return “can’t delegate now”/ “Can’t cancel now”?

  • How to cancel a validator node to unlock the staking amount

  • How to cancel delegation

  • When do I get my PI back after I cancel the delegation successfully?

  • How many rewards will I get if I delegate on Pchain?

  • How much total PoS mining rewards allocation and what’s the distribution plan?

  • How can I get staking rewards?

  • I have delegated to one candidate for over 25 days, why haven’t I received any reward?

  • When will the rewards unlock?

  • How many rewards do I receive in one epoch?


  • What’s the PCHAIN monitor?


  • What is PIScan

  • How to check if the transaction is successful?


  • How can I get listed in PIWallet Candidate list?

  • Why can’t I connect to my node using PIWallet?

  • Why does my PIWallet not show anything in local node mode?

  • How to recover an abnormal cross-chain transaction


  • How to migrate DApp from Ethereum to Pchain