Validator Node Guides

A directory of guides to setting up and maintaining your Plian Validator Node.



Setting up a Validator Node

How to configure a server for use as a Validator Node

Registering Your Validator Node

How to submit your registration as a Validator Node

Submitting Your Vote as Validator

How to generate and submit your vote into the validator pool

Removing Your Node From the Candidate List

How to cancel your delegation or remove yourself as Validator Node Candidate

Alternate Installation Instructions

How to install Plian software from source or by PPA

Plian Javascript Console

Use these docs to use and maintain your Validator Node

The general process for becoming a Plian validator is:

  1. Prepare your node

    1. Install software

    2. Sync with the network

    3. Generate or import PI address

    4. Generate BLS consensus keys

  2. Register your node

    1. Apply as a candidate if you want to open your node to delegations

  3. Vote with your staked or delegated PI

    1. Prepare and send vote transaction

    2. Prepare and send vote reveal transaction