Command Line Options

pchain help
   pchain - the pchain command line interface

   Copyright 2018-2018 The pchain Authors

   pchain [options] command [command options] [arguments...]


   init_eth_genesis  init_eth_genesis balance:{"1000000","100"}
   init              init genesis.json
   gen_node_info     gen_node_info number
   attach            Start an interactive JavaScript environment (connect to node)
   account           Manage accounts
   help, h           Shows a list of commands or help for one command

PCHAIN Options:

  --datadir "/home/ubuntu/.pchain"  Data directory for the databases and keystore
  --keystore                        Directory for the keystore (default = inside the datadir)
  --nousb                           Disables monitoring for and managing USB hardware wallets
  --networkid value                 Network identifier (integer, mainnet=1, testnet=2) (default: 1)
  --syncmode "full"                 Blockchain sync mode ("full")
  --gcmode value                    Blockchain garbage collection mode ("full", "archive") (default: "full")
  --ethstats value                  Reporting URL of a ethstats service (nodename:secret@host:port)
  --identity value                  Custom node name

  --txpool.nolocals            Disables price exemptions for locally submitted transactions
  --txpool.journal value       Disk journal for local transaction to survive node restarts (default: "transactions.rlp")
  --txpool.rejournal value     Time interval to regenerate the local transaction journal (default: 1h0m0s)
  --txpool.pricelimit value    Minimum gas price limit to enforce for acceptance into the pool (default: 1)
  --txpool.pricebump value     Price bump percentage to replace an already existing transaction (default: 10)
  --txpool.accountslots value  Minimum number of executable transaction slots guaranteed per account (default: 16)
  --txpool.globalslots value   Maximum number of executable transaction slots for all accounts (default: 4096)
  --txpool.accountqueue value  Maximum number of non-executable transaction slots permitted per account (default: 64)
  --txpool.globalqueue value   Maximum number of non-executable transaction slots for all accounts (default: 1024)
  --txpool.lifetime value      Maximum amount of time non-executable transaction are queued (default: 3h0m0s)

  --cache value            Megabytes of memory allocated to internal caching (default: 1024)
  --cache.database value   Percentage of cache memory allowance to use for database io (default: 75)
  --cache.gc value         Percentage of cache memory allowance to use for trie pruning (default: 25)
  --trie-cache-gens value  Number of trie node generations to keep in memory (default: 120)

  --rpc                  Enable the HTTP-RPC server
  --rpcaddr value        HTTP-RPC server listening interface (default: "localhost")
  --rpcport value        HTTP-RPC server listening port (default: 6969)
  --rpcapi value         API's offered over the HTTP-RPC interface
  --ipcdisable           Disable the IPC-RPC server
  --ipcpath              Filename for IPC socket/pipe within the datadir (explicit paths escape it)
  --rpccorsdomain value  Comma separated list of domains from which to accept cross origin requests (browser enforced)

  --bootnodes value     Comma separated enode URLs for P2P discovery bootstrap (set v4+v5 instead for light servers)
  --bootnodesv4 value   Comma separated enode URLs for P2P v4 discovery bootstrap (light server, full nodes)
  --bootnodesv5 value   Comma separated enode URLs for P2P v5 discovery bootstrap (light server, light nodes)
  --port value          Network listening port (default: 30308)
  --maxpeers value      Maximum number of network peers (network disabled if set to 0) (default: 25)
  --maxpendpeers value  Maximum number of pending connection attempts (defaults used if set to 0) (default: 0)
  --nat value           NAT port mapping mechanism (any|none|upnp|pmp|extip:<IP>) (default: "any")
  --nodiscover          Disables the peer discovery mechanism (manual peer addition)
  --v5disc              Enables the experimental RLPx V5 (Topic Discovery) mechanism
  --netrestrict value   Restricts network communication to the given IP networks (CIDR masks)
  --nodekey value       P2P node key file
  --nodekeyhex value    P2P node key as hex (for testing)

  --mine                   Enable mining
  --minerthreads value     Number of CPU threads to use for mining (default: 2)
  --etherbase value        Public address for block mining rewards (default = first account created) (default: "0")
  --targetgaslimit value   Target gas limit sets the artificial target gas floor for the blocks to mine (default: 4712388)
  --gasprice "1000000000"  Minimal gas price to accept for mining a transactions
  --extradata value        Block extra data set by the miner (default = client version)

  --gpoblocks value      Number of recent blocks to check for gas prices (default: 20)
  --gpopercentile value  Suggested gas price is the given percentile of a set of recent transaction gas prices (default: 60)

  --vmdebug  Record information useful for VM and contract debugging

  --metrics                 Enable metrics collection and reporting
  --fakepow                 Disables proof-of-work verification
  --nocompaction            Disables db compaction after import
  --verbosity value         Logging verbosity: 0=silent, 1=error, 2=warn, 3=info, 4=debug, 5=detail (default: 3)
  --vmodule value           Per-module verbosity: comma-separated list of <pattern>=<level> (e.g. eth/*=5,p2p=4)
  --backtrace value         Request a stack trace at a specific logging statement (e.g. "block.go:271")
  --debug                   Prepends log messages with call-site location (file and line number)
  --pprof                   Enable the pprof HTTP server
  --pprofaddr value         pprof HTTP server listening interface (default: "")
  --pprofport value         pprof HTTP server listening port (default: 6060)
  --memprofilerate value    Turn on memory profiling with the given rate (default: 524288)
  --blockprofilerate value  Turn on block profiling with the given rate (default: 0)
  --cpuprofile value        Write CPU profile to the given file
  --trace value             Write execution trace to the given file

  --password value    Password file to use for non-interactive password input
  --solc value        Solidity compiler command to be used (default: "solc")
  --perftest          Whether doing performance test, will remove some limitations and cause system more frigile
  --logDir "log"      PChain Log Data directory
  --childChain value  Specify one or more child chain should be start. Ex: child-1,child-2
  --help, -h          show help