Staking Rewards

How many rewards will I get if I delegate on Pchain?

Suppose your deposit amount is A, the total deposit of the current epoch is B, the total block number of the current block is C, the reward per block during the current epoch is D, then your reward during the current epoch will be about A/B*C*D.

How much total PoS mining reward and what’s the distribution plan?

Pchain total PoS mining reward is 315,000,000 PI.

Year1~Year4 : 39,375,000 PI per year
Year5~Year8:19,687,500 PI per year
Year9~Year12:9,843,750 PI per year
Year13~Year16:4,921,875 PI per year
Year17~Year20:2,460,937.5 PI per year
Year21~Year24: 2,460,937. PI per year

How can I get rewards for staking?

In order to receive rewards, you need to either stake your PI to your own node or delegate your PI to a candidate node. If the node you have staked/delegated your PI to becomes a validator, you will be rewarded in proportion to the amount staked/delegated.

I have delegated to one candidate for over 25 days, why haven’t I received any reward?

If you delegated in the current epoch, you will get rewards when the new epoch starts and once the candidate votes for the next epoch successfully. If you delegated in the last epoch, it means the candidate failed in voting for the validator, so you won’t get rewards.

When will the rewards unlock?

The rewards you received in each epoch will be unlocked automatically over the course of 12 epochs.

How many rewards do I receive in one epoch?

The PoS mining reward depends on your PI amount related to the percentage of total staking amount in each epoch. PoS mining reward ≈ Your staking amount/total staking amount * block reward * the number of epoch blocks. If you are the delegator, then your reward ≈ (1- commission fee(%) ) * Your staking amount/ total staking amount * block reward * the number of epoch blocks