Light Wallet Mode

In light wallet mode, you can transfer PI, deploy smart contracts, and delegate your PI on the mainnet.

Create or Import an Account

If you don’t have an account, click the ‘Wallet–Create’ to create an account and set a password. The password will only be saved on your local computer. You can also import an account if you already have its keystore file (filename usually starts with UTC) or private key.

Transfer PI Across Chains

You can transfer PI between the main chain and the subchain or from one subchain to another subchain.

Transfer PI on the Same Chain

You can transfer PI to another address by click ‘Send PI–Submit’.

How to delegate

Plian has 12 epochs per year, and in each epoch, there are 4 phases.


Block Number

What you can do

0% ~ 75%

start_block ~ vote_start_block - 1

apply candidates and delegate

75% ~ 85%

vote_start_block ~ vote_end_block


85% ~ 95%

reveal_start_block ~ reveal_end_block

reveal vote

95% ~ 100%

reveal_end_block + 1 ~ end_block

check next epoch’s info

If you do not want to run a node on Plian yourself, you can delegate PI to one/several Validator candidate(s) with PI wallet (Light wallet) during the first phase.

To do this, click the “Delegate” tab, you will see the Candidate list there. These are all the currently registered Validator nodes in the network. If you want to get more info about a Candidate, click “detail ”.

Please make sure which chain and Candidate you want to delegate to. Then click, “Join”.

Fill in the delegate amount with at least 1,000 PI. Ensure there is at least 0.00021 PI left in your balance for paying the gas fee. The invite code is optional here, it’s designed for some programs (not released at this time).

Enter the password and confirm the transaction info again.

You can check the delegation details here.

DETAIL: You can check the daily pos mining reward that you get.

APPEND: You can delegate more PI to this Candidate before 75% of the Epoch height. CANCEL: You can cancel delegation before 75% of the Epoch height.

“Delegate balance” is the amount you delegated to Candidate(s) who are mining blocks for reward as Validator(s) with your delegation. “Delegate to ** Candidate nodes” means the number of Candidate node(s) as Validator(s) who are mining blocks for reward with your delegation. “Total pos mining reward” is the reward amount you got before 23:59:59 yesterday (UTC+8). “The annual return” = the daily reward/ the delegated amount *365*100%

How to Cancel Delegation

You can cancel delegation before the current Epoch reaches 75%.

  1. If your candidate is a validator in the current Epoch, the cancelation will be effective immediately. Your PI will be automatically unlocked to your balance when the current Epoch reaches 100%.

  2. If your candidate is not a validator in the current Epoch, then the cancelation will take effect immediately and your PI will be automatically unlocked to your balance.

Choose the candidate that you want to cancel delegation to from the list. The default amount shows the total amount that you delegated to this address. You can cancel with the total delegation amount. Also, you can define the amount that you want to decrease but ensure the delegate balance to this address is equal to or greater than 1,000 PI.

Noted: In general, the gas fee is about 0.00021 PI which will be directly paid from your balance.

How to Extract Mining Rewards


  • After Plian mainnet upgraded to V1.2.0, the mining reward need to be extracted by users ( Validator nodes/ delegators) instead of being released automatically.

  • After each epoch ends, you can extract the 1/12 mining reward at any time.

  • You can’t define the extract amount. The amount is the total reward on one chain you can extract at that moment.

Go to the “Delegate” tab. Select the address that you want to extract reward to. And then click “Extract Reward”.

Select the chain that you get the reward from.

Enter the password.