Installation Instructions for Windows 10

Install go lang above v1.10 and install g++ by mingw-w64

Suppose the working directory is c:\

cd c:\

Get source code from Github:

git clone

Create a directory under the current directory:

cd c:\pchain\
mkdir src\\pchain\

Copy all directories/files except '!!restore!!', '.git', '!!readmefirst!!.txt' to the newly created directory.

Copy all files under '!!restore!!' to the current directory, then build pchain


An executable file 'pchain' should be generated under .\bin

You can then run help to should show the Command Line Options.

cd bin
pchain.exe help

To start pchain node, run run.bat(you may need to adjust the content in it to get more log output):


Log in to another console and run this command to check the log:

  more pchain.log

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