Solidity Integrations

  • Generic:

    • EthFiddleSolidity IDE in the Browser. Write and share your Solidity code. Uses server-side components.

    • RemixBrowser-based IDE with integrated compiler and Solidity runtime environment without server-side components.

    • SoliumLinter to identify and fix style and security issues in Solidity.

    • SolhintSolidity linter that provides security, style guide and best practice rules for smart contract validation.

    • Superblocks LabBrowser-based IDE. Built-in browser-based VM and Metamask integration (one click deployment to Testnet/Mainnet).

  • Atom:

    • EtheratomPlugin for the Atom editor that features syntax highlighting, compilation and a runtime environment (Backend node & VM compatible).

    • Atom Solidity LinterPlugin for the Atom editor that provides Solidity linting.

    • Atom Solium LinterConfigurable Solidty linter for Atom using Solium as a base.

  • Eclipse:

    • YAKINDU Solidity ToolsEclipse based IDE. Features context sensitive code completion and help, code navigation, syntax coloring, built in compiler, quick fixes and templates.

  • Emacs:

    • Emacs SolidityPlugin for the Emacs editor providing syntax highlighting and compilation error reporting.

  • IntelliJ:

  • Sublime:

  • Vim:

    • Vim SolidityPlugin for the Vim editor providing syntax highlighting.

    • Vim SyntasticPlugin for the Vim editor providing compile checking.

  • Visual Studio Code:


  • Mix IDEQt based IDE for designing, debugging and testing solidity smart contracts.

  • Ethereum StudioSpecialized web IDE that also provides shell access to a complete Ethereum environment.

  • Visual Studio ExtensionSolidity plugin for Microsoft Visual Studio that includes the Solidity compiler.

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